Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Nails

Happy Easter everyone!

Beauty bloggers and fanatics love to use the holidays as an opportunity to combine colours and create looks suitable for that time of year, and Easter is no exception.

Although the weather seems to think it's being funny by making it snow in March and April, the pastel nail polishes are still going to dust themselves off and make an appearance this weekend, to celebrate the possible arrival of spring time, and the definite arrival of easter eggs!

I find that for fun colours, it's always better to opt for drug store polishes. Barry M never fail to deliver in this category, with what seems like hundreds of colours to choose from. For my easter nail colours I used Barry M "Berry" (the lilac colour) and "Blue Moon" (the pale blue colour, obviously). Teamed with 17's "Fairy Cake" (the bright pink in the middle), the trio of colours are fun and happy spring colours, but are still wearable (as opposed to yellow and green polishes which really do not tickle my fancy).

I was particularly surprised by the thick formula of the 17 polish, and expected it to be very opaque and paler than how it appears in the bottle, but this was my favourite polish of the three, delivering a quick drying and no-chip coverage.

What are your favourite colours for Spring? :) 


  1. Love the colours, so perfect for Spring :) Barry M 'Berry' looks so beautiful, i might have to look into buying that...

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  3. I love Barry M nail varnishes, I'm desperate for the berry colour so I can make my nails look so springy and eastery! Absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Pretty colours! Im not usually one for pastels, but these look lovely
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  5. I love your pastel nails! Lilac is usually my favourite colour but this pink shade is so sweet, I might just pop it on my shopping list.


  6. I love your pretty pastl Easter nails :)

  7. they look so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  8. Nice nail colours.


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