Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Perfect Flick

Renowned for being one of the most famous and timeless makeup looks ever, the black eyeliner flick will suit almost any eye shape and can completely transform any makeup look. The only problem with the flick is that with even the slightest motion, it can go oh so terribly wrong. From a wobbly hand, to a line that's far too thick, the infamous flick can make your eyes go from glamorous to gothic. And nothing (and I mean nothing!) is worse than uneven flicks. THE HORROR!

I first discovered eyeliner when I was about 10 years old. Far too young some of you might say, but my Dad was always a firm believer of letting me experiment at a younger age and getting it wrong when it was acceptable because I was young and silly, instead of being a 20-something female who didn't know the different between a lipstick and a pink highlighter pen. I have found that over many years of trial and error, I have somewhat perfected the art of the flick.

A lot of it comes down to practice, of course. Knowing your eyeshape and understanding where the flick needs to be drawn in terms of the position with the corner of your eye are key in obtaining said flick. Your upper lid fluid line should always reach the end of your eye, as the point of the flick is to elongate your eye. It can't elongate our eye if the flick begins halfway alone your lid line!

A straight line needs to be formed that aligns with the end of your eyelid and the just after the end of your eyebrow. Creating this initial line is key for your flick to form. Of course this is much easier said than done, so I have made a video to accompany this blog post which will show you in detail how to know where to position the line to begin your flick, and how to fill out the shape of the flick to perfect the look.

Having a good quality eyeliner is crucial. You won't be able to create a flawless flick without an eyeliner that's going to flow well on your lid and last all day. My all time favourite eyeliner that I strongly recommend to create the perfect eyeliner flick is the myface.cosmetics slinky liquid eyeliner in "paint it black". A dramatic and long lasting eyeliner, myface.cosmetics really pulled it out of the bag with their most recent line of liquid eyeliners.

 It's available in an array of matte and chromatic shades (including silvers and golds for crazier party looks, but also deep browns blues and blacks for my sultry looks) the density of this liquid eyeliner delivers a strong and long lasting line which will not move, smudge or crack throughout the day or night. The brush is tiny yet precise and is able to get into all the difficult areas around the eyelid, and is capable of delivering a thin line as well as being fluid and supple enough to build up for a more dramatic look. I seriously consider this to be the staple item in my makeup bag, and the one makeup item that I would not leave the house without wearing. Have I sold it to you yet?! This product is amazing!

I hope that the video and post help you in the uphill battle that every woman faces with eyeliner. The key things to remember here are practice and a good quality product. Even professional makeup artists struggle to achieve the perfect flick, so remember that you're not alone! Practice makes perfect :-)


  1. Your flicks are perfect! I love winged eyeliner, it's such a glamorous elegant look. Once you get the hang of it it's really not as hard as people think it is either :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Amelia @! :) xxx

  2. Great eyeliner! This is my staple look, I can't leave the house without my winged eyeliner, it's such a fabulous look. You have this look perfected x x

  3. your winged eyeliner is perfect, i wear eyeliner pretty much every single day and it never looks right :S xxx

  4. Not only would mine be wrong, it would be a tragedy.

  5. Gosh that really is like the perfect flick. Im about to do my makeup so im going to try this :)

  6. I love the "flick" but rarely do it because I often get uneven flicks and then have to take off everything to start over.

  7. Wish i had the patience to make my liner look that flawless! x

  8. Wow, your liner is so perfect (:

  9. Your flick is sooo perfect, I wish I could do it as your!!

  10. perfection! wish i could pull that off, my flicks always look terrible!


  11. So gorgeous :-)


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