Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Top 5 Blushers


I haven't blogged in TWO MONTHS. Oh my God. I started an internship in London and had to commute every day from Canterbury which was absolutely exhausting. I don't know how people who have jobs can blog and vlog full time! But now that my internship is over I have a little more time to concentrate on writing about makeup :D

SO! onto the important stuff.
Whilst riffling through my unnecessarily ever-growing makeup collection, I thought I would write a series of "Top 5" blogposts for things like blushers, foundations, lipsticks etc. That way I can think twice about buying more makeup when I already have favourites haha. So today is my top 5 blushers!

Number 1 is NARS Orgasm

A blusher that I have thoroughly worn down, Orgasm is a favourite amongst many, as it complements almost every skintone with its peachy pink base with gold speckles that reflect the light and make your cheeks look positively glowing! The NARS blushers are also wonderfully pigmented, and the only bad point I've ever heard about NARS products is their matte packaging which get scuffed and dirty very quickly.

Number 2 is NARS Luster

Unfortunately Luster doesn't photograph very well in the pan, but on the cheeks it is sheer heaven! Like Orgasm, it has gold speckles in it and a fabulous deep coral colour which is perfect for summer days. Also looks amazing on tanned skin! 

Number 3 is Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose

A nice little compact blusher compared to the rest of them, much better if you're trying to save space in your makeup bag. It's much more matte than the NARS blushers but still pigmented enough to last all day. Perfect for a more every day look!

Number 4 is Soap and Glory Cheekmate in Rosy Glow

I was never really one for liquid or creamy blushers but I got this for my birthday and I've never looked back. I think this will be better for a "flushed" rosy cheek look in the autumn and winter months, as I prefer peachy tones during the summer. But I still love it nonetheless!

Number 5 is Makeup Forever HD Blush in Coral

I forced my American flatmate to bring this back for me from California and I LOVE it. I find it a bit difficult to apply because it's SO highly pigmented and it's a bit difficult to blend, but the colour pay off is phenomenal and you only have to apply the tiniest amount to cover your cheeks for the full day.

Surprisingly, Orgasm was the most difficult one to swatch, as it applies so well to my cheeks, but it's probably my favourite blusher ever. NARS blushers are probably my favourite because I do like the shimmery look on my cheeks, but I have to stop myself from buying too many!

What are your favourite blushers?

:) X


  1. I'm a big fan fan of Nars blushes & I'm building up quite a collection now, without a doubt the best blush brand I have ever tried!

    Sarah xx

  2. I really want to try out Nars Blushers, they all look so pretty. x

  3. I am dying to get my hands on Orgasm, everyone always raves about it. But it seems a bit of a splurge for a blush xxx

  4. I've never tried any of these! I find stain ones totally freak me out though! I use Benefit Coralista and the Miners Brown Blusher Brick x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  5. My favourite blush of all is the Mac Mineralize blush in Dainty! I really need to try some of the Make Up For Ever HD blushes this one has such a pretty colour xx

  6. I really want to try a mufe blusher! Great post x

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  8. Love the Rimmel Blush ( pink rose).

    BTW~ I've nominated you for the blog award. (>‿♥)

  9. A great collection of blushers you have. I always love to apply blushers on my face. Now these days my favourite blusher is mua shade -6.

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