Friday, 31 August 2012

Dip Dye for a Day

I've never been very daring when it comes to my hair. I like to keep it long with blonde highlights,  because it suits me, so why would I ever want to change?

But in the past 12 months, dip dye has become so fashionable and I have to admit that I love the idea of having coloured hair. But committing to such an unorthodox hair colour is a big step, especially with my new job starting in a few weeks. 

Enter Colour Xtreme!

It's a wash-out coloured hair spray, perfect for those who want to see what dip dye would look like before committing to properly dying your hair.

Using this was a great little "test drive" for dip dying my hair, and I loved it! 

I've used it twice now, and everytime I have it in my hair I get loads of compliments. It definitely made me decide that I want to dip-dye my hair properly, but I'm going to wait until next spring/summer when I'm not working in an office anymore. 

The only issue I had was that it did dry my hair out a little bit. So it didn't look like it was dyed, it looked like it was sprayed with a strong hair spray. But it doesn't matter because it gave my hair a great colour.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who's on the fence about adding colour to their hair. Colour Xtreme is available in loads of colours and you can buy it from Boots.

What are your thoughts on dipdye?


  1. The colour looks lovely on you :) I've been really tempted to go for a dip-dye thing but I have red hair so not many colours suit :( lol.

  2. I love dip dye, I've been wanting to do it on my hair for a long time, actually I would love to dye my hair all in pink! But I've dyed my hair a lot in the past and it was really hard to get it healthy again... This summer I temporarily dip dyed my hair a few times for festivals using oil chalks, it works pretty well but I'm sure this kind of products are much better, I definitely need to try them xx

  3. Seems like a great product and perfect for testing out the dip-dye look. Will definitely have a look the next time I'm in Boots :) x

  4. The colour looks lovely on you! I wonder how it would look on darker hair though and whether it would show up as well xxx

  5. So cool!!! I really want to do this :) it looks great xx

  6. Aaaah, this is soo cool! I wish it was available where I live, it looks great and I've wanted pink dip dyed ends for ages... Maybe I could find it on Ebay, hmmm. Anyway, the dip dye looks great on you, I love it! <3

  7. Such a good idea, always quite scary going straight ahead with dye!




  8. love this look! cute blog girl :)

  9. This is great for a temporary effect!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  10. I dip dyed my hair purple, pink and blue over the summer using crazy color hair dyes. They wash out in about 5 washes and they don't dry out your hair the way the spray does. I've written a blog post that shows pics of the different colours - if you want to check it out.

    Lea x

  11. Thats looks soo good! xx

  12. whoa that dye is awesome!! wish i could pull that off at work -- but i cant :(

    love your blog, want to follow each other??


  13. Great idea :) Looks fab.

    Lovely blog! Would love if you could check mine out and maybe follow each other 

  14. Nice blog! I'm your new Follower! I hope you visit my blog sometimes.. Thank's!! :)
    Kisses from VV!!

  15. The color looks great. It looks so cool on you. If you dye your whole hair you will definitely get lots and lots of compliments than before. By the way, is your hair still soft after dyeing it?

  16. OW owwwww. Love it - I think you should try green/blue though :) x

  17. Any idea where i can buy these in the netherlands?


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