Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summerball & Purple Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

This weekend, in true fashion of a University student, my friends and I went to our fourth Summerball. Some of us are Masters students and some of us have left University (and just came back for one last hurrah!) but despite all the excitement, it turned out to be a massive failure. The previous three Summerballs were an absolute hoot, but this year instead of having the ball in one massive outdoor tent/marquee, they split it into two smaller tents. With the monsoon that engulfed us all in our fine attire, it was impossible to get from tent A to tent B without getting soaked so most of us were stuck for the night. The Saturdays and Noah and the Whale were performing, but because of the bloody storm and too many people being stuck in one place, I missed both acts! £47 spent on a ticket, only to be washed out like a drowned rat!

But it's all behind us now! And the good news is, I looked fabulous. Here are some photos of our group (including a very nice photo of me and my boyfriend Jeremy) and a tutorial that I filmed of my purple smokey eye look for the ball. Enjoy!

Did anyone else go to Prom or Summerball recently? :) X