Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fashionista Blush

For those of you like me who spend 60-80 hours a week trawling though make-up stands, you might already be aware of the make-up brand Fashionista. 

Fashionista (from what I've seen) is a relatively new make-up brand on the block, sold exclusively in Superdrug. A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for some new blushers to build my make-up kit, and I came across these little gems. I knew I'd like to incorporate some of the infamous MAC and NARS blushers, but I know that there are plenty of brands out there who sell quality blushers for just a fraction of the price, and Fashionista are no exception.

The best thing about the Fashionista blushes is that they come in separate packaging for £4 each, and you can buy the palette with an ENORMOUS mirror for only £5 extra. BUT, if you buy four blushers at the same time, you get the fourth one free AND the palette free! So if you bought them all separately, it would be £16 for the blushers and £5 for the palette = £21, but if you buy them altogether, it's only £12! A whopping £9 saving!

I was really impressed with the pigment of these blushers. I thought that because they were so much cheaper  than the well-known brands that they wouldn't be as good. But I was wrong. While you don't want them to be as pigmented as an eyeshadow (after all, we're going for a "glow" effect) I found that they had the perfect mix of being concentrated in colour, without looking like clown paint.

I will say one negative, and that's when you initially put your brush onto the blush, a LOT of product comes off, so you have to tap your brush quite hard to remove any excess before applying it to your face - otherwise you really will get that clown effect! There have been times when I haven't been paying attention and I won't tap off as much as I should, so really pay attention to this part, otherwise your face will look too brightly painted and you'll have to start again.

I'm really impressed with these blushers, as well as the price and the amazing compact that they come in. And the best part? Their eyeshadows are the same size and price as their blushers, so you can buy four eyeshadows for your quad palette, or even mix and match! So when I go back to England in a few weeks (I'm at home in Brussels at the moment visiting my folks) I'll definitely be heading to Superdrug for another quad or two ;)

Have you ever tried Fashionista? Thoughts?

:) X

Friday, 13 April 2012

My First Week At MakeUp School

As some of you may know, Daddy was kind enough to send a little moolah my way so that I could fulfill my (pipe?) dream of becoming a makeup artist. I've gone through all the stress and hard work of finishing school, my undergraduate degree and now my Masters degree, but there's that small part of me that wishes I didn't have to spend half of my life in academia and get a full time job in an office straight afterwards. Both my parents are very career driven, and I can't really blame them for wanting me to earn lots of money and be well educated....but there's that little voice inside my head telling me that I'd rather be a professional MUA!

So at least I was able to go to Makeup School for a week to really immerse myself in the world of makeup :) I attended The Makeup School in London, run by professional makeup artists Jacqui McElroy and Anastasia Borovik - two of the most genuine and lovely people I have ever met! They call it a "boutique learning environment" - by which they mean that it's just them, a small group of students and the makeup! We primarily used makeup by Laura Mercier, with some NARS, MAC and Armani too. I had a truly wonderful week and learnt everything there is to know!

If any of you are considering a course in makeup artistry, I would definitely recommend the Makeup School in London (Willesden Junction). Click HERE to see their website. The commute for me from Canterbury was exhausting but completely worth it for a week. Here are some photos of our finished looks from my first week. I'll be going back to May for another course! Enjoy! :)

I'll post some photos up again after I go for my second course in May :-)