Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Love Shopping Too Much

Oh dear. I have very little money left to buy food for the month. Ha!

I got quite a hefty sum of money for Christmas from my beloved Daddy, and when I went to Bristol to see the boyfriend, he was kind enough to put up with "Crazy Shopping Heather" for a few days :D

Of course the bulk of my money went on makeup and beauty products which I bought in Bristol, but when I got back to Canterbury for Uni, I bought a ton more! Soon the Christmas money went and my monthly allowance for food etc was spent on more stuff! I'm terrible with money :(

I can't really complain though. I love to shop and I've picked up some things that are ofcourse essential in a girls' life! We all need 237447348 nail polishes and 3459739 eyeshadows, right?!

And yes, I am actually the last person in the whole world to buy Liz Earle. I can't say that I've seen any drastic changes in my skin, but I love the REALLY clean feeling it gives your face after a good cleanse and polish! :)

I've made a video for a lot of the stuff I got but it cut out half way through :(


:) X


  1. Did not know NYC were doing lip stains! Are they good? X

    1. Theyre not too bad! They have nice colours but their staying power isn't great. The Revlon lipstain was only £5 from Boots and that has a much better staying power :) xxx

  2. I love Liz Earle products and the Rimmel nail colour is really pretty! Could you tell me what shade it is please?


  3. aw you go to Uni in Canterbury? I live in Kent :)
    I haven't tried Liz Earle yet either! Really want to soon. You bought some lovely stuff!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  4. Those Nail Rock nail wraps look amazing! And I can't believe you have a Youtube too will subscribe now xxx

  5. I am exactly the same with money; I'm dreading next year when I'm at uni! you bought some lovely things :) xo

  6. You're so cute :) just found your blog. I'm irish too!

  7. I feel left out not trying Liz Earle products, I will have to get a sample kit! I love your blog, and your blog name. Im your newest follower.

    Take a peek at mine xx

  8. Great haul! You got some lovely products love the nail rock wraps Xx


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