Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NOTD: Polka Dots

What do you do when you're behind on your coursework? Spend 90 minutes doing your nails of course!

I've always played it safe and stuck with a block colour, but since joining the blogging community a few moons ago, I've noticed that all of you seem to go a little wild with your nails. And why not? If you're creative and have a steady hand, then go for it! They add a cute little touch to your every day looks :)

Today I attempted a blue base with white polka dots, creating the dots with the tip of a bobby pin :)

Here are the products I used for the full manicure - nailscissors, cuticle cutter, nail file, nail buffer, conditioning cuticle oil, a base/top coat, Barry M "Blue Moon" nail polish and a white polish for the polka dots.

I started off with filing and buffing my nails, trimming my cuticles and applying a conditioning cuticle oil (pictured above -available from Superdrug)

Then I applied two layers of Barry M "Blue Moon" nailpolish.

Finally, I placed some white nail polish on a piece of paper, dipped the bobby pin into the paper and dotted my finger nails. I had to apply to two layers of white polka dots to make sure that they truly contrasted from the blue. 


Hooray! I love them :D Of course my left hand turned out a lot better than my right hand haha! But with a bit of practice I'm sure I can do better in by subsequent attempts :)

Do you want to be more adventurous with your nails? 

:) X


  1. Aww they look so cute! Blue Moon is a lovely colour too!


  2. those nails are so cute xx

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    Follow me x

  3. My cuticles are terrible, I'm n desperate need of a good product. Is this any good?

  4. Ohhh I love Blue Moon and this is such a cute idea. I rarely try and do anything that exciting with my nails but I might try something like this!

  5. Love them! super cute :) xxx

  6. how cute! love them! Blue Moon is my fave nail paint at the moment so great to find a look to do with it :')
    great post!


  7. Aw your nails are soooo cute. I love them


  8. this is such a cute look x
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  9. cute nails! Love the blue colour of the barrym polish Xx

  10. Love the nails!
    Amazing blog! Can we follow back each other?


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